Welcome to my E-Portfolio! This website is my attempt to gather all my research, readings logs and other pertinent information for the class, History 4250-Gender and Health in Canada, at Thompson Rivers University.  The documents, logs and writings add to the discussion of gender and health in Canada historically. The entire website has been curated to guide you towards my end of year Research Paper; Hutterites and their notions of health.  All parts of the website tie  larger themes of gender and health in Canada together, which will increase your understanding of my research paper, and gender and health.  All the reading logs, further readings, and the research project tab connects the Hutterites to the study of gender and health and those larger themes.  The portfolio is here to guide you along the learning process towards my research paper, while challenging you to think along side me about gender and health. There are five sections to this website; an About Me page, a Reading Log page with my week to week thoughts on the course readings, where I tie and interrogate larger themes of gender and health together and connect those ideas to the Hutterites. There is a Research Project tab where you can learn about the research process and the my final draft of my research paper. Further Readings is where I give you more opportunities and readings to explore Hutterites and their views of health on your own, and finally a Reflections page that revisits the larger themes of gender and health in Canadian history and touches on how health can be a tool of interrogation for a better understanding of the Canadian social climate. I hope you enjoy!

To answer the question that is on everyone’s mind; yes that is me in the tractor.  I am not using this picture purely as a tactic of self-loathing, rather this picture is directly related with my end of year research project.   Since Hutterites are an agrarian people that use the same farming equipment as pictured, it only seemed fitting to have a picture of the man behind the website and a picture that represents the sect of people I intend to study in my research topic.